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Aetna health insurance in Connecticut
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Aetna Health Insurance


Aetna Insurance is a major provider of health insurance for individuals in the United States. Aetna has been offering individual policies in Connecticut for some years now. We offer to help you personally or you can get online quotes and you can apply online. The choice is yours. We will help and answer your questions regardless. For local experienced assistance call 1-866-508-0618.

Aetna offers 3 plans of health insurance in Connecticut. They are:

Copay Plans is for those who prefer copay for routine health care expenses such as annual physicals and doctor visits. Deductibles apply for hospitals, surgeries and medical tests. (PPO 500, PPO 1500, PPO 2500, PPO 5000)

Health Savings Account (HSA) Plans is for those who want to control their health insurance costs by combining a high deductible health insurance plan with a tax advantaged savings account (High deductible PPO 1, High deductible PPO 2)

Hospital only and Preventative plans is for those who want insurance coverage for hospital stays and surgeries only. There is $200 coverage for annual physicals. No coverage for doctors, tests and prescriptions. (Preventative and Hospital Care 1250, Preventative and Hospital Care 3000)


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