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Anthem Blue Cross uses 4 different provider networks of doctors and hospitals for each plan it offers. It is good to ask your doctor office if they are participating in the health plans offered Anthem Blue Cross.


Anthem Blue Cross has 2 kinds of Plans based on the network of doctors first.

There is the HMO insurance plans which uses the blue care network of doctors.
There is the PPO insurance plans which uses the Century Preferred Network of doctors .


Up front Deductible Plans:
The upfront deductible health plans with Anthem in Connecticut have can copays, deductibles and coinsurances.
The policy deductible may need to be met before the plan pays for all other medical care.
The policy deductible may also apply to prescription drugs or preventative care.

All medically necessary medical care is subject to a calendar year deductible. Once you have paid the policy deductible, you may have copayments or a coinsurance percentage. Coinsurance is where you pay a percentage and the insurance company pays a percentage.
Copays for medical services and prescriptions are different for each plan.
HSA Compatible - High Deductible Health Plans
(HDHP) These are health insurance plans with a large deductible. The deductible must be paid before the health plan pays for medically necessary medical care. HSA is short for Health Savings Account. You can open a separate Health Savings Account and put money in to pay your deductible, copays and coinsurances on you medical plan. Generally speaking, these are the lowest priced health plans.
  Under age 65 - Information and Prices - for Connecticut Medical Plans  

Approximately 80% of people who apply for medical insurance through the affordable care act
are placed in Husky plans which are offered through the State of Connecticut.

You can apply for these medical plans by calling 860-647-1441 if you are in the Manchester area or click on this link and closer agency

Other Phone numbers of Interest

Universal Health Care Foundation, in Connecticut 203-639-6550

Department of Insurance in Connecticut 860- 297-3800

Access Health Connecticut 1-855-805-4325

Local Representatives you can call click here

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