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Sole Propritors and Self Employed Businesses Health Plans in Connecticut

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  A sole proprietor is someone who is the sole owner of a business and is also the only employee of the business. If you are self employed and no employees, you are still able to get a group insurance plan.

Years ago there were many health plans accepting and competing for business helath plans, inlcuding the 1 person businesses or sole proprietorships. Now there only a handful of health insurance companies offering health plans to businesses in Connecticut.

There are some companies that will accept a 1 person business for group health insurance. The health plan will underwrite the employees health conditions will offer a health plan.

If you have many health conditions, and apply for a group plan, you may get a plan of choice or you will be offered a mandated health plan.

If you are pretty healthy, you can apply for an individual health plan. These health plans are usually lower in costs, but they also will only take healthy individuals and are not required to offer you a health plan.

Watch out for pricing on the internet!

Group insurance plans will give you a price and that is the final price. There is no increasing the price.

Individual health plans will give you the lowest price available. The majority of the people will not qualify for the lowest price. Prices normally can be doubled or even worse, they can reject you.

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