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Connecticut Dental Insurance Plans Prices Quotes

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        There are only few personal dental insurance plans in Connecticut. Personal dental insurance plans are available for individuals, family and business owners in Conn.  
        Dental insurance plans are issue with no health questions and no prexisting condition exclusions. This is good because a dental policy will provide coverage for everyones teeth, regardless of their condition.  
      The lowest price for a dental plan assumes your dentist is in the provider network. A dental plan that covers all dental providers are more expensive.  
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Dental Insurance Plan Terms and How They Work in Connecticut


In Connecticut, dental insurance is issued with no health questions and no

        prexisting condition exclusions. This is good because a dental policy will provide  
  Robin Dubord Dental  Insurance in Connecticut     coverage for everyones teeth, regardless of their condition.  
      Dental insurance plans in CT are able to do this because the insurance policy or  
      dental plan will limit in many ways what the covered dental benefits.  
      Common dental procedure clasifications:  
  Robin Dubord     1. Preventative procedures and benefits  
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        2. Basic procedures and benefits  
        3. Major procedures and benefits  
        4. Orthodontia benefits - are not offered in many personal plans.  
        1. Each dental plan will then describe what procedures they consider to be preventative , basic, major, etc. The one procedure that is common to look for is a root canal. In a dental plan in CT, a root canal may be classified as a basic or major procedure/benefit. These are the differences you should look for when trying to compare a dental plan.  
        2. It is common to put waiting periods on types of procedures. For example, Preventative and Basic procedures may only be covered the first 12 months. Major procedures may be covered after 12 months, and Orthodontia after 24 months.  
        3. It is also common to have a percentage limitation for the specific types or classes of procedures. For example, there may be 100% coverage for preventative, 80% for Basic procedures, 50% for major procedures and 50% for Orthodontia procedures. Again, Look for the differences in dental plans.  
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        4. It is also common for the dental insurance plan to put monetary limits for specific procedures. Such as $800 per root canal. The dental term that may be used in a dental insurance plan is "usual and customary charges".  
        5. It is also common to have a yearly deductible per person. For example $50 per person per year  
        6. It is common, for a yearly limit for all dental work done that resets every January 1st. For example, they may set a limit for all dental benefits per calendar year to $1000 per person. Sometimes the limit is set up on the policy year. This difference can be important to watch for.  

Why purchase a Connecticut dental insurance plan?


Dental insurance plans are considered a health insurance plan by the Federal Government and therefore can be tax deductible.

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Also, if the dentist is in the Network of dental providers, a reduced fee has been negotiated by the CT dental insurance plan. So you get more dental work done for your money.

What is a discount dental plan?

        A discount dental plan is where you pay just to use a network of dentists. The discount plan does not pay the dentists or providers for dental care. Discount Dental plans are not insurance, but they are regulated by the State of Connecticut.  
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