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Golden Rule Insurance is now a part of the United Healthcare Group of companies.The United Healthcare Group is one of the largest health insurance providers throughout the United States.

Golden Rule Insurance has been offering individual policies in Connecticut for many years and underwrites the United HealthOne health insurance plans in Connecticut. Their Offices are located in the state of Indiana.

We feel that United HealthOne is for those people who are prettyy healthy and really dont use a health insurance plan. So if you and your family are healthy and are willing to pay for the doctor and small medical bills and use the health insurance for the unexpected major surgeries and hospitalizations, United HealthOne / Golden Rule medical health insurance plans could serve your needs well.
Types of medical health insurance plans offered by United HealthOne in Connecticut.
Copay Plans is for those who prefer copay benefits for routine health care expenses. This includes families who want copays for doctor visits, preventative care, and Prescriptions.
High Deductible Plans is for those willing to take responsibility for routine health care expenses in exchange for lower premiums.
Health Savings Account (HSA) Plans is for those who want to control their health insurance costs by combining a high deductible health insurance plan with a tax advantaged savings account.

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