Robin Dubord

My name is Robin Dubord and I am an independent insurance broker.

I have been helping people with their health insurance for over 30 years.

As an insurance broker, I am certified and authorized by many health insurance plans to show and explain their Medicare plans, options, and benefits.

As a broker, I represent you and your specific needs and desires. I will explain the Medicare coverage’s including the benefits and the weakness so you can make an educated decision with your Medicare plan.

Your Medicare plan options includes Medicare Part A and Part B, Medicare supplement plans, Prescription drug plans, Medicare Advantage plans and Dental Plans.

I believe that by explaining your different coverages and options with Medicare will help you determine which of the Medicare Health Plans that best serves your needs.

My services do not stop there. I will assist you with Medicare enrollment, and I will enroll you into your Medicare health plan chosen. I will also make sure your plan includes your doctors, and that your medicines are cost efficient. I will be there for you during the year helping with any problems or questions you may have. When renewal time comes, I will explain the renewal changes to your coverage and make any adjustments you would like.

Call me Today! 860-647-7353

If you are new to Medicare, the Medicare enrollment process can be complicated and you will not be alone. I will be there to help you, every step of the way.

Call me today! 860-647-7353

Robin Dubord Independent Broker
Robin Dubord
Independent Insurance Broker

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