New To Medicare

You are only new to Medicare once in your life, and we can help and assist you through the complicated initial enrollment process.

We will also help you understand and enroll in these plan coverages:

Medicare Part A and Part B

Medicare Advantage Plans

Medicare Supplement Plans

Prescription Drug Plans

Dental plans and other benefits for people over age 65

For those who are new to Medicare, the first step is for you is to enroll in Medicare Part A and Part  B from Social Security. (1-800-772-1213)

The enrollment process is different for everyone because Medicare has many rules, exceptions, and requirements that apply differently to people enrolling into Medicare. This is one area where we stand out from the rest. You wont be alone, we will be there to help you every step of the way, to help you understand the process or to answer questions, or just be there to talk to and confirm the procedures with you. Call us today 860-647-7353.

Here is what a Medicare Part A and Part B Card looks like:

Medicare Card Part A and Part B

When you decide to have us assist you, we will walk you through the process of enrolling into Medicare with Social Security.

Next we will gather information on your doctors, your medical needs, your prescriptions, and other information on what coverages you desire in your Medicare health plan.

There are no fees and no premium increase for our help. The insurance company will pay us to explain their Medicare plan coverages and the benefits to you, and to help you enroll into their Medicare plans.

Once you have chosen a Medicare plan, we will enroll you into the Medicare health plan and options you would like. We will submit all necessary information to get your plan and options approved as soon as possible.

During the year, we are also available to help you with questions or problems. When your policy renews, we will explain the changes to your Medicare plan and if a different medicare plan or option fits your needs better, we will enroll you into that new plan with you.

If you have questions or would like our help . . . Call us today 860-647-7353.

Robin Dubord- Independent Medicare Broker
Robin Dubord
Independent Broker

As a local insurance broker, I am certified with many Medicare health plans in Connecticut. I enjoy helping people with their health care and Medicare plan options on an ongoing basis.

I have a local office to help serve you. I also offer Medicare enrollment via the internet, telephone, fax, mail, email along with social distancing both in and out of office appointments.

If you would like our help, don’t hesitate, Call us at 860-647-7353. If busy, leave your name and phone number and a short message. We will call you back as soon as possible.

One advantage to calling us is that as an independent insurance broker, We represent many companies in Connecticut and can help you find the best plan for your needs and desires.

Another advantage to calling us over calling a Medicare plan directly is you can call us, and we will only review those Medicare plans that have your doctors and your prescriptions and look for a Medicare plan that also fits your needs and desires. The plan choice is yours. Call Today 860-647-7353

Note: Medicare Beneficiaries are a protected class of people by Federal law, and it is against the law for any unknown insurance agent or marketing firm to call or visit you at home about Medicare without written permission prior to doing so. Those persons who call you or stop by without your permission should be avoided at all costs.

You do not have to do this alone. Call Today 860-647-7353 and we will help you.

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